So you are going to Burning Man, but you have no room to carry it all on the plane, it’s too much of a pain and expense to buy,(and figure out what to buy), and you just want the right stuff waiting for you.  Well, Playapads is the answer.

We offer complete rental camping units for your playa experience in one or two person set-ups in standard or deluxe configurations.  

Our rental facility is close to the Reno airport for easy pick-up and return and has everything you need for a  comfortable week in the harsh environment of the Black Rock Desert.

We are burners who have been going to the event for over twenty years and aim to make your camping experience at Burning Man as stress free as possible.

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News Flash!

Playapads is honored to be the "In" thing at Burning Man in 2014 according to the BRC Weekly

We are IN and Turn Key Camps are definitely OUT!