How hard are these to set up? The Playapads are easy to set up.  We have researched and tested these tents and shade structures and have come up with the ideal combination of durability and practicality.  The playa has unique characteristics (rain isn’t usually a big problem) so we have designed these units to withstand wind and be as dust free as possible.  This set up works for the experienced as well as the novice camper and you should be able to set up the entire camp in under two hours.

I don’t want to have to carry my costumes, hats, furry coat, etc on the plane every year. Can you help me store those items? Yes. We are offering a large tub with your name on it that you can fill with all those things that you just have to have out on the playa. We will store it for $80 a year and it will be part of your unit when you pick everything up the next year.

What sort of deposit do you require when I pick up my Playapad?  When you pick up your Playapad we will charge a $350 deposit to cover lost or damaged items. This deposit can be done by Mastercard,Visa American Express or cash.  We realize the playa is harsh and expect some wear and tear. We will strive to be fair.  For instance the bike that got run over by the giant bunny rabbit art car would be a $150 charge (please bring the crushed bike back to us though).

I would love to decorate my bike and make it unique. Can I do that?  Yes! Within limits. We encourage Radical Self Expression but ask that the bike be returned in the same condition you picked it up. We had a few "creatively" altered bikes that were definitely done after an afternoon of heavy drinking. Any tape or other or other sticky stuff on the bikes that needs to be taken off or they will be charged an extra cleaning fee.

What about lighting my bike? We found that people like to do their own thing on the bikes so this year we will be offering a selection of different type of bike lights for sale.

I only need some items, not all of them. Sorry, as with Burning Man it is all or nothing.  We have designed and bought these to be a total, self contained unit and it would be a lot of work to custom build and price them.

I would like some extra items. Can you do that? We might be able to. Last year we had people that needed an extra small tent or sleeping bag or bike.  We were able to accomodate most of them for a reasonable fee

I don't have a ticket but I know I HAVE to go to Burning Man. What should I do? Rent a Playapad. Really. You have until June 1st to cancel without any charge. In my experience EVERYONE that wants to go to Burning Man ends up getting a ticket. Ever since the year that tickets sold out many people buy tickets not knowing if they are going to be able to go. Many of them end up realizing that they can't go and sell their ticket. It can be a nail biter but lots of tickets change hands through the year. The good thing is that there is very little scalping of tickets so you will usually pay face value

Why is there a cleaning fee? We spents weeks cleaning the equipment last year. This year we decided that we would charge a modest cleaning fee($75). If you can return them as clean as you rented them(which includes washing the sheets, cleaning the bike and the tent, the cooler and all the kitchen equipment)then we will return your deposit. It has happened twice so far!

I would like to mail some items to you to be picked up at your facility. Can I do that?

Sorry but we have no way to accept packages at our facility. Amazon has a pick up facility in Reno that might do the trick.

There is an Amazon Locker at 5150 Mae Anne Avenue at Safeway in Reno Nevada 89523

I am using the Burner Express Bus to get to Burning Man. How does that work with Playapads?

The best solution is to get a taxi in Reno to take you to our facility and load up your Playapad. We have checked with the taxi companies and they are all able to take bikes but you might want to mention it when you call. Then you would go to the airport(or where ever you meet the Burner Bus) and load the equipment on to the bus or its' trailer. Please tell us if you are using the Burner Express as we will try to pack the kit as small as possible

I am using the Green Tortoise to get to the Playa. Can I still rent a Playapad?

Sorry. It is not possible to rent to people using the Green Tortoise as they do not stop in Reno

for long enough to load equipment on board. We tried it last year and it did not work

How are the tents strengthened for the extreme conditions of the Black Rock desert?

We have a layer of heavy duty canvas that goes between the inner tent and the rain fly that is clipped into place to keep as much dust as possible from entering the tent. Though no method is foolproof we have come up with this system for sealing the vents that all commercial tents have. We recommend that campers keep anything they want to stay dust free inside their automobile as it is almost impossible to keep all dust out of a tent.

What do you do to keep the tent and shade sail from blowing away?

We use rebar for the shade sail to secure it and heavy duty stakes for the tents. In over 300 rentals we have never had a failure of the system we use for securing either the tents or the shade covering. The tents were purchased with the idea that the carbon fiber rods holding them up would bend rather than break in the wind.

How much space in a car does a Playapad take up?

We specifically designed these to fit in the back seat of a compact rental car.  We have fit them into the tiniest car you can rent but it makes it easier if you have a slightly larger car or even a SUV. Remember you will be fitting food and water inside the car as well.

How far is Burning Man from your rental facility in Reno?

It is two hours and twenty minutes away(108 miles or 174 kilometers) when 70,000 of your best friends are NOT on the road heading to the same place. Plan for a longer ride.

How do I contact you? For all enquiries please email us at Or try calling at (831)595-2926

Is Burning Man everything people say it is? Yes!! And more!!

Frequently Asked Questions