Playapads is located close to the Reno airport. After picking up your rental car (or meeting a friend), drive over to the Playapads facility and we will load your tubs into your car, attach the bike rack and set up your bike on the car. Our facility is located in a storage area and we are only open from 9AM-5PM. We can not stay open later or earlier as it is a computer contolled gate. Please be sure to pick up or return your Playapads in those hours.

From our facility you can head out to the nearest grocery store. We are very close to a Wal Mart Super store as well as Safeway and Albertsons.  Stock up on food, water and ice and in no time flat you are on your way to the most exciting event on the planet knowing that you have everything you need.  

After your time on the playa, throw all your dust covered items into the back of your car and drop it off for check-in.  

All that is left is to return your rental car and hop on that slow plane back to Reality Camp.

An entire Deluxe Playapad for two people fits into the back seat of a small rental car

How does it work?