A week camping at Burning Man is like no other camping trip you will ever go on.  

Everything about it will push your limits both physically and psychically. There is heat during the day and cold at night with dust storms coming out of the blue at all hours. There are thumping art cars and maniacs with megaphones, It is a wild, chaotic, roller coaster of a ride.  

We at Playapads have designed these camping units to be mini oases of sanity and comfort.  We could have made them cheaper but after going to Burning Man for years we know that it is the little things that count as you get back to your camp at three in the morning. A bed tall enough to sit on while you take off your boots, and big enough so you don’t feel cramped during the night.  A tent over six feet high with enough room to  move around in as well as being able to store items (all the tents are rated as 6 person tents).

We have an inner layer of dust protection between the tent and its rain fly to keep as much dust as possible out. We use heavy duty stakes and reinforcing bars to keep the structures up right in the gale force winds of the Black Rock desert as well.  

The bikes are all beach cruisers with very comfortable seats.

We have designed everything to align with the unique ethos of Burning Man. There are plastic garbage bags so that your trash is contained and a pump shower system that keeps untreated gray water off the playa.

If you do run into trouble setting up, one of the great joys of Burning Man is finding out how eager other burners are to help you. Many a great friendship, story or romance has begun with a simple request for help.

What is Included?