"Everything worked out wonderfully! My friend and I had an amazing

time!!! Thank you! "


"Thanks so much for putting the Playapad experience together - it was a life saver!!"

NG Canada

"You guys worked so hard and made our Virgin experience so comfortable. Look forward to seeing you in the future."


"Thank you for making my first burn to a great pleasure"

AS  Germany

"It is such a great venture you have started and I personally would love to see you grow and be able to use this service in the future and tell my friends about it too."

W M Australia

"I think you're offering a great service"

SW New Zealand

"You made my first burn an unforgetable experience."

BG Netherlands

"You've been a savior for so many Burners this year with PlayaPad... I really appreciated having the privilege of booking one this year." 


"Thanks again for your efforts to make our Playa experience as smooth as possible!"

MS Germany

"We'd also like to thank you, the Playpads were amazing and saved us a ton of hassles."

CV Copenhagen


A few kind comments from our clients from around the world

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