This version will provide you with everything you need to survive a week in relative comfort. All of your cooking supplies are included as well as chairs, bikes, bed, lantern, garbage bags etc.  

This version works well if you do not plan on spending a lot of time at your camp and want to cook simply and head out.  This set up could be for shorter stays or if you are part of a larger theme camp that can provide you with shade and a more comfortable environment to enjoy your meals.  


In this version we provide you with a camp dining table, a cooking station, and a shade structure. This provides the ability to come back to your camp and hang out during the hottest part of the day in the shade and to organize your cooking area. The cooking station holds your camp stove, garbage bag, condiments, lantern, and provides a food prep area. The camp table provides a pleasant place to socialize with friends.  The 12x12 shade structure is easy to set up and is a pleasant refuge during the hot afternoon hours.

In the spirit of keeping it simple we are offering one and two person set ups in basic and deluxe versions.

As noted in the FAQ section we MAY be able to help you with additional gear but check with us first.

We are introducing a stepped pricing schedule to reward people that book early. Remember you have until July 1st to cancel for a full refund. On both the Deluxe and the Basic we charge a $75 cleaning fee that is refundable if you bring it back in exactly the same condition it was rented in(see FAQ's)

Complete Deluxe Camping Unit/One Person

Once you reserve your Playapad, your card will be charged and we will set aside your kit. This year,2022,we are renting only 50 Playapads so we encourage you to book your unit as soon as possible. With upwards of 30,000 people flying to the event we feel that it could sell out quickly.  

When you pick up your rental in Reno we will charge you a security deposit of $350 which will be refunded upon return of the unit minus any fees for broken or missing items.

We will be charging a $75 non refundable cleaning fee at the time the security deposit is taken

A full refund is given up to June 1st, 2022. After that fifty percent of the rental fee will be charged for cancellations. There will be no refund if you cancel after August 1st, 2022.

Complete Basic Camping Unit/One Person


Complete Basic Camping Unit /Two People


Pricing and Ordering

Complete Deluxe camping  Unit / Two People